Solar Panels

Renewable energy is here to stay. Join the millions today who have already taken the first step towards becoming energy independent.

It has never been easier

Save money on your energy bills.

Protect yourself from volatile energy markets.

Spread the cost using our Finance options.

Earn money from excess energy.

System options

Take a look at a few example options below. Once you are ready for the next step, call one of our Product Consultants directly or request a consultation using our booking system.

6 panel system 3.24kWp without battery

Price starts from £5699

10 panel system 4.05kWp without battery

Price starts from £6,237.99


14 panel system 5.67kWp without battery

Price starts from £6,892.99


Solar Panel Specs

High Efficiency Panels

Modern Design

Would you prefer an Integrated Panel system?

Aesthetically appealing.

Alternative to on roof solar panels which are installed on top of the roof tiles.

12-year product warranty.

30-year warranty on output.


The installation typically takes one day but this depends on the type of house, the number of floors and the number of panels to be installed.

The answer will depend on a few important factors such as the number of bedrooms, roof size, and your energy consumption.

The value of solar panels is determined by a number of factors. Request a quote and we can provide an estimate of the savings you can make (calculated using MCS methodology).

Whilst it is true that solar panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing, they also work well if they are placed on any roof facing East or West.

Solar panels work better the brighter the sun is. However, the UK has more than enough sunlight to power solar panels.

Only if your home is listed in a conservation area. Furthermore, we will need to inform your distribution network operator but this will all be sorted out by us.

A solar battery lets you store excess electricity so you can use it another time. This will help to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use from solar panels and reduce the electricity you use from the grid. This is a long-term investment that will help you cut your energy bills.

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